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Author archive for Alan Hadden, President, GSA

  • Will video over LTE reshape the broadcast and mobile industries?

    Mobile broadband is booming worldwide, underpinned by a global footprint of 3G/HSPA and 4G/LTE networks. LTE is mainstream and fast developing with approaching 350 live networks today, and is expected to cover 70% of the world’s population by 2020.  Worldwide the number of mobile subscriptions grew 6% over the last year, while mobile broadband connections leapt 30% to 2.5 billion, […]
  • Will the APT700 band help close the digital divide and boost LTE roaming?

    Operators are selling more smartphones than any other device category. Around 55% of all mobile phones sold worldwide in Q3 2013 were smartphones. The number of mobile broadband subscriptions is expected to pass 2 billion in 2013, having grown 40% over the past year, and this figure may quadruple by 2019. The increasing number of smartphone subscriptions, which is expected […]