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Author archive for Laina Greene, Executive Director, IBS Tower

  • Broadband Internet for the Last Mile: Grassroots or Community Based Entrepreneurs are the Key to Closing the Digital Divide

    The telecom world has grappled with the digital divide since the publication of the Maitland Commission Missing Link Report in the early 80s. That report helped countries realize that telecom was a key tool for development, and since then telecom operators and regulators have struggled with how to provide access to telecom to all (universal access). Definitions of universal access […]
  • Rural Broadband – Time for “Business Unusual”

    “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” –Albert Einstein Einstein’s often-quoted observation is a good reminder for how the industry should not address “rural broadband.” The last five years have seen a new wave of activities that work to “bridge the digital divide” and enable rural broadband. Yet we see the same […]