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Author archive for Gerd Leonhard, CEO, The Futures Agency and Curator and Moderator, Leadership Summit on the Future at ITU Telecom World 2014

  • The concept of work as we know it is toast

    Whether you live to work or work to live, for the vast majority of people throughout the world having a job of some sort is central to the way our lives are structured. So what happens when the drones and the robots take over? This is not a facetious question, nor a piece of science fiction. The impact of artificial […]
  • We need collective solutions to over-connectivity – before it’s too late

    We live in exciting times. Times full of the promise of progress, where the exponential pace of technological development is both visible and beneficial to ever more of the world’s population.  From e-medicine to digital education, next-generation transport systems to smart grid solutions, the near future looks to be healthier, smarter, greener, less wasteful of natural and financial resources. But […]
  • From “the new oil” to cyborgs…

    Ahead of my Futurist Keynote speech at ITU Telecom World 2013 in November, I’d like to share a few thoughts on the disruptive trends poised to utterly transform the way we live, communicate and do business. We are entering an era of information tsunamis: mind-boggling global data torrents , all-pervasive social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) connectivity, widespread ‘wikilikean’ transparency expectations (both B2C as […]