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Author archive for Paul Papadimitriou, Innovation Consultant, Digital Intelligence

  • Memories of a fast-changing mobile world: how different is today

    As I’m gearing up for ITU Telecom World 2013 in Bangkok, I’m reminded of what a difference a few years make. In 1999, I was in a start-up enabling content delivery through the mobile web. We had the future at our fingertips. In hindsight, little did we understand what would happen in the following years. Even though 1999 was a […]
  • Dreams of a fast-changing mobile world: how tomorrow will be shaped

    The history of technology is one of efficiency and control. Technologies are the art and skill of making tools, techniques, systems and methods to solve a problem. Technologies are the results of human dreaming of a better world. Technological innovations are also a deflation game. It’s when a technology becomes cheap enough, either by means of its build or because […]