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Author archive for Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future Research

  • How can emerging nations respond to disruption: look to the voluntary sector for long-term success

    As a society, we’re poised on the edge of radical, deep-rooted technological and scientific advancement unlike anything we have previously experienced. A range of highly innovative developments will transform literally every aspect of our world – and the process has already begun. Consider how the smartphone, now a ubiquitous tool and toy, has changed the very fabric of our daily […]
  • Why education is the answer in a perfect storm of change

      The challenges of embracing the digital era are bringing us into a perfect storm of change. Old systems designed for a pre-Internet world are reaching their limit, overwhelmed by massive economic, financial and political uncertainty, increasing complexity, major environmental pressures, and dramatic, disruptive developments across multiple fields of science and technology. As a result, business cycles are accelerating and […]