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  • We need collective solutions to over-connectivity – before it’s too late

    We live in exciting times. Times full of the promise of progress, where the exponential pace of technological development is both visible and beneficial to ever more of the world’s population.  From e-medicine to digital education, next-generation transport systems to smart grid solutions, the near future looks to be healthier, smarter, greener, less wasteful of natural and financial resources. But […]
  • Young Innovators Competition: Challenge 1 winners announced!

    More than 200 entries from 48 countries worldwide, hundreds of ideas, comments and unique perspectives on the creation of local digital content, many hours of serious consideration by our panel of judges – and the winners of the ITU Telecom Young Innovators Competition 2014 Challenge 1: Local Digital Content have been selected! We were looking for the most promising tech […]
  • It’s all a question of trust

    The current telco crunch is not new. Voice revenues have collapsed in developed and emerging markets alike, whilst data traffic from OTT players continues to increase exponentially. So costs are going through the roof just as revenues are vanishing. Life as telcos have known it is unsustainable – and change is inevitable. In the words of leading internet academic Viktor […]
  • Young Innovators Competition Launches Challenge 2 on Open Source Technologies for Disaster Management

    Following the success of challenge 1 on Local Digital Content, which attracted 205 ideas from 48 countries, the ITU Telecom World Young Innovators competition is launching challenge 2, calling for innovations using open source technology for disaster management. The competition seeks 18-30 year old entrepreneurs from around the world with start-ups that use open source technologies for disaster preparedness, early […]
  • Confronting the future – together

    Welcome to the launch of ITU Telecom World 2014 – and welcome to the new event website! World 2014 will be held in Doha, Qatar, this December, a city committed to the future and the ideal location for an event focused on confronting that future and its implications – for the ICT industry, for society and for us all as […]
  • It’s time for AEC

    ITU Telecom World 2013, which took place between the 19th and the 22nd November in Bangkok/Thailand, was a great success – not only as a conference. Ars Electronica Export curated the exhibition The Lab which presented different artistic positions related to the topic. Philipp Huemer was one of the Infotrainers who travelled to Bangkok from Linz, and this is his […]
  • Will the APT700 band help close the digital divide and boost LTE roaming?

    Operators are selling more smartphones than any other device category. Around 55% of all mobile phones sold worldwide in Q3 2013 were smartphones. The number of mobile broadband subscriptions is expected to pass 2 billion in 2013, having grown 40% over the past year, and this figure may quadruple by 2019. The increasing number of smartphone subscriptions, which is expected […]
  • Nigeria ready for broadband technology

    Nigeria is all set to bring a top delegation to ITU Telecom World, held in Bangkok from November 19 – 22, 2013. Our mission there is to unfold the final phase of the country’s readiness to introduce competition into the broadband sector of the telecommunications industry and also place on the table incentives from the government to support investors – […]
  • Memories of a fast-changing mobile world: how different is today

    As I’m gearing up for ITU Telecom World 2013 in Bangkok, I’m reminded of what a difference a few years make. In 1999, I was in a start-up enabling content delivery through the mobile web. We had the future at our fingertips. In hindsight, little did we understand what would happen in the following years. Even though 1999 was a […]
  • Dreams of a fast-changing mobile world: how tomorrow will be shaped

    The history of technology is one of efficiency and control. Technologies are the art and skill of making tools, techniques, systems and methods to solve a problem. Technologies are the results of human dreaming of a better world. Technological innovations are also a deflation game. It’s when a technology becomes cheap enough, either by means of its build or because […]