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  • Tudlo swings into action during Typhoon Yolanda

    HAIYAN (YOLANDA) became an Extremely Catastrophic Super Typhoon and is considered to be the most powerful of all Super Typhoons in 2013, devastating the Central Philippines in the area of Leyte, Samar Provinces, Northern Cebu, Coron Palawan, Ormoc  and the whole of Central Visayas. The super typhoon first made landfall at Northern Leyte early on the  morning of Friday, November […]
  • Is your website safe from hackers?

    It is not a secret that website security is essential for all types of organizations. Member states and organizations of all sizes are increasingly challenged to adopt new technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization and IT outsourcing. To complicate this challenge, organizations face increasingly targeted and sophisticated attacks. Attackers now range from organized crime rings to advanced nation-states and are […]
  • New cyber threats necessitate new technologies

    We are under a growing wave of cybersecurity attacks. This is putting the private sector, public sector and government bodies under increasing pressure to establish solutions for cybersecurity and investigations. In recognition and in response to this, during the 2011 World Summit for Information Society the United Nations put in place a dedicated arm within ITU, ITU IMPACT,  to deal […]
  • Building cybersecurity capacity through benchmarking: the Global Cybersecurity Index

    Cybersecurity is a theme that requires immediate attention. Societies and nation states are moving towards a level of digital dependence in which trust plays a critical role. Without this core element, we are enabling the continued emergence of a dark world of unrestrained cyber threats and attacks that threaten to subvert the current success of our digital economies. As an […]
  • Rural Broadband – Time for “Business Unusual”

    “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” –Albert Einstein Einstein’s often-quoted observation is a good reminder for how the industry should not address “rural broadband.” The last five years have seen a new wave of activities that work to “bridge the digital divide” and enable rural broadband. Yet we see the same […]
  • Privacy and Security – is it a right?

    My panel session at ITU Telecom World 2013 is about privacy and security. I would define privacy as the right to keep information about yourself from others. It is often thought to include anonymity and confidentiality of your information. There are many other variations of this basic thought. You may wish, for example, to keep your identity private, or you […]
  • Innovation in the Telecoms World

    From an innovation perspective, I have always been convinced that “the language we use defines the horizons of our imagination” and so it struck a chord with me when I read in a recent ITU document that “voice calls are no longer the preferred communication mechanism between people”. This phraseology implies peril for the telecoms industry and a golden opportunity […]
  • Zimbabwe @ ITU Telecom World 2013

    Zimbabwe is a land rich in diversity ranging from low-lying semi-desert regions to lush highlands strewn with forests and lakes. It is a country situated on a high plateau in Southern Africa and covering 390 245 km. Zimbabwe’s ICT sector has over the past years entered a new age of opportunity and growth which four years ago would have seemed […]
  • Regulating for connectivity – and services

    Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting the Rural Networks Award in the UK’s 2014 Next Generation Digital Challenge  at NexGen 13 held in London. These awards illustrate the ability of communities and innovators to crack on with finding connectivity solutions regardless of the incumbent’s strategy and solve a multitude of community issues like poor radio and TV reception.  […]
  • Riding the Data Wave

    Tsunami is a nasty word in Asia; a word that carries the idea of impending disaster. However, it is accurate to say that this is exactly what is facing telco networks in APAC as they struggle to cope with a tidal wave of data generated by their customers. According to Cisco, global mobile data traffic grew by 70 per cent […]